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SaiRajwada Project


Sairajwada residential 3bhk and 4bhk ultra luxurious flats offer a unique living experience for those who are looking to build their dream home with sophisticated and luxurious living. Located in the heart of city, Shivaji Nagar, Nagpur. These flats provide the perfect blend of modern and luxurious amenities with traditional living. Flat has fully equipped kitchen, spacious bedrooms, and bathrooms with modern fixtures, a large living room having a scenic view and a balcony overlooking the city.

The Sairajwada residential 3bhk & 4bhk ultra luxurious flats also come with a 24-hour security system, CCTV cameras, and 24-hour look after service. This ensures that the residents are safe and secure at all times. Furthermore, our flats are build with Vaastu Compliance, an Indian architectural science explaining the harmony between humans and their environment. We provide flats in categories of outfit, semi-furnished, and fully furnished. We also provide bunch of additional amenities including a private party area, business centre, and a spa ; considering the leisure time of yours Sairajwada residential 3bhk & 4bhk ultra luxurious flats are perfect choice for your dream luxurious house.

sai rajwada building sai rajwada building



The 3bhk & 4bhk flats come with all modern features and facilities that one can expect from a modern luxury apartment. This includes a fully equipped kitchen, spacious bedrooms, and bathrooms with modern applications, a large living room with beautiful view, and a balcony overlooking city. With considering the quality of furniture that we are providing for our furnished flats, are made of best choice of wood available all over Nagpur, is specifically made of teak wood and the modern kitchen is beautified with coating of stainless steel making our furniture and settings more durable and safe for customer.

The 3bhk & 4bhk flats also come with a common rooftop chilling area and gym. This helps the residents to keep fit and stay healthy. Additionally, the flats also come with a rooftop garden and jogging track. Which makes them ideal for children and adults alike which makes it a ideal and luxurious flat design for your family. In conclusion, 3 bedroom & 4 bedroom residential flats offer a variety of features and amenities that are sure to meet the needs of any homemaker. Whether you are looking for a smaller space or larger luxurious home, these provide the perfect combination of comfort and luxury suitable for any family.

sai rajwada architecture sai rajwada architecture sai rajwada architecture sai rajwada architecture
sai rajwada floor plan
sai rajwada floor plan

Life Style


Our team of experienced interior designers and furniture planners has years of experience in the industry, making us a trusted and reliable choice for all your design and planning needs. We are passionate about creating unique and stylish spaces that reflect your personal style and preferences. We are here to provide you with your choice of customization for your ideal home. Establishing Custom Home Builders in your city, Nagpur. With providing all amenities for your ideal flat you will also get Construction Management and Home Remodelling.

Whether you’re looking to update your living room, create a new office space, or design your dream kitchen, our team of experts can help make it happen. Our comprehensive services include space planning, furniture selection, lighting design and set-up, colour selection, and many more. We strive to create a design that is both beautiful and functional, ensuring that your space is both stylish and practical. We use the ;attest technology to ensure that your design is both accurate and cost-effective. We understand that everyone has different needs and budgets, and we are committed to help you find the perfect solution that fits your needs.

sai rajwada lifestyle kitchen sai rajwada lifestyle home temple
sai rajwada lifestyle living room sai rajwada lifestyle



Luxury living is made even more enjoyable with flat amenities. Residents of flats can enjoy a range of conveniences and features designed to make life easier and more enjoyable. With considering everyone’s safety and placing of the flat we have implemented East Facing flat Vastu for both 3bhk & 4bhk plan. With respecting your spiritual we are here to serve you with considering your requests and customization for your dream home. Some of the most popular flat amenities include a common rooftop Gym, Garden, and Jogging Track, Hydraulic car parking with E-Vehicle charging point, car washing area, service elevator and many more.

Fitness centres are great way to stay in shape and have fun, while the swimming pool and spa offer a relaxing and therapeutic features. Laundry rooms provide a convenient way to take care of clothes, while the clubhouse and common areas provide opportunities to socialize and have fun. All of these amenities add up to a more enjoyable living experience and can make life in a flat more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. So, try this experience of luxurious flat amenities in Nagpur with your dream come true ideal house and build your home.

sai rajwada roof top sai rajwada event hall sai rajwada roof top sai rajwada event hall
sai rajwada amenities